About Castillo Bueno Systems

Castillo Bueno Systems was started in 1997 by Carlos D. Castillo and Julio C. Castillo. Our vision is to build a better, more productive computing environment for everybody.

We pride ourselves with publishing high quality software products and providing high quality tech Internet Reviews and support.

Castillo Bueno Systems' success is based on providing great products at a very reasonable price (many times less than half of what our competition charges).

We have specialized in developing, publishing and licensing high performance Windows software that will work on any Laptop Computer. Our goal is to provide software products that are well thought-out, heavily tested and reasonably priced. More than 90 percent of our sales are direct and through the Internet, which allows us to offer incredible prices because we sell directly to the customer.

Please send us your comments! Let us know what's good and bad about our products, our web site and our service. Together, we can build a better, more productive computing environment like for everybody!!

We are proud members of the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) and of the ESC (Educative Software Cooperative)


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